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There many Passive House projects certified in the state of Vermont, and more under construction  and going through certification every day!

We now have a comprehensive listing of all certified Passive House projects in the state of Vermont on our website under the Projects page!

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NEI is a privately held company committed to affordable housing with extensive experience in ground-up, moderate rehab, elderly, and veteran projects. We serve clients from Maine to Connecticut from our Northeast Office, and from Florida to Texas from our Southeast Office. Founded in 1998 on the principles of integrity, diligence, and building for good, we have opened the door to over 20,000 newly homed and hopeful families, giving them a chance for a better quality of life.  We’re building for good because everyone deserves a good home. We’re building for good because that’s the right way to do it.

NEI has recently just completed the Finch Cambridge, one of the first large-scale multi-family Passive House developments in Massachusetts and the largest new multi-family affordable housing development in Cambridge in 40 years. See Here

A passive house Tower Revolution

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