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About us

Our Mission:

Vermont Passive House (VTPH) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote the Passive House Building Energy Standard in Vermont. Through public outreach, education, advocacy, and trainings, VTPH provides opportunities for practitioners, industry professionals, policy makers and the general public to collaborate and participate in a shared mission, ensuring the success and vitality of the Passive House Building Energy Standard.

Vermont Passive House is an independent non-profit corporation dedicated to the advancement of and education about the Passive House Standard in the Vermont.
We are a group of building professionals, architects, builders, consultants, designers and members of the general public who represent about fifty businesses in and around Vermont. We are all working toward creating sustainable buildings by employing Passive House methodologies.
Our members come together to share information about the various issues and challenges involved with building Passive House homes. We compare notes and share solutions to problems big and small, simple and complex. We also strive to expand the Passive House standard into the commercial and public building sector.
We are active on many fronts and gladly welcome support from like-minded people.
Come  join us! We have a general membership meeting the third Thursday of every month in Burlington VT.

Held at either  Eff VT/VEIC or Burlington Electric Department.

Board of Directors:

  •  Phil Sweet ; Pres. Sustainable Earth Project
  •  Greg Whitchurch; Pres. Concept Engineering
  •  Barbara Whitchurch; Pres. Woolybear Artisan Jewelry VT
  •  Brian Hayes ; Pres. Bellwether Craftsmen, PHI CPHC
  • Jeff Gephart;   PHIUS CPHC, VEIC/Eff VT ,  VT Green Home Allience

Executive Committee:
• President: Chris Miksic, PHIUS CPHC/CPHB; Partner, Montpelier Construction
• Vice President: Paul Sipple, ,PHIUS CPHB,  New England Construction Co. (NECCO)
• Secretary: Brian Reilly ; Burlington Electric Department , (BED)
• Treasurer: Enrique Bueno, PHIUS CPHC; Pres., E+Buildings

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