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For information about passive house builders, architects, engineers and suppliers in Vermont, please see our Directory (**Coming Soon!) All are certified by the Passive House Institute U.S. (PHIUS) and/or Passive House International (PHI, European).
• Certified Passive Building Consultant/Designer/Tradesperson
• Certified Passive Building Builder
• Certified Passive Building Rater
If you’re a member and would like an entry in this section, please contact us at :


PHIUS: The Passive House Institute US, The US certifying and training Organization, offers trainings, tours and conferences across the country.

The International Passive House Organization, iPHA- Here find The Passive House Database , a global listing of PH projects registered through the iPHA Website, which includes many links to the global passive house movement.

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Thermal Image of PH Retrofit Before and After

Thermal Bridge Free Insulation Envelope

Vermont Passive House

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